Careening Into Danger (Scorpio Mix) - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP3251973
Noctis - FINAL FANTASY XV Piano Collections (Unofficial)FLACMP3362703
Melodía de la montaña (from CT "Singing Mountain") - Chronicles of TimeFLACMP3199510
Veiled in Black (Niflheim Base) - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP310439703
Stealth Theme - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP38139771
Nox Aeterna - FINAL FANTASY XV Re:RecreatedWAVMP36528951
Sky Smilin' Down on Me - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP33222822
Veiled in Black - FINAL FANTASY XV Piano Collections (Unofficial)FLACMP37032453
Chocobo Ride - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP36925753
Dawn - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP313863604
Song of the Stars - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP35428224
Aqua's Song ~Nohr Ver.~ - Fire Emblem Fates (Instrumental Recreation)FLACMP3463183061
Under a Sky Full of Stars - Original CompositionFLACMP32716140
Across the Lands - Original CompositionFLACMP34815416
Aqua's Song ~Hoshido Ver.~ - Fire Emblem Fates (Instrumental Recreation)FLACMP3470200566
Episode Duscae: Mashup Arrangement - FINAL FANTASY XVFLACMP315274572
Camping Theme - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP37265071
Overworld Battle Theme (Day) - FINAL FANTASY XV Semi:RecreatedFLACMP3314235105
Veiled in Black - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP3420281484
Encounter Theme - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP35883420
E3 2013 Summon Theme - FINAL FANTASY XV Re:RecreatedFLACMP3137114397
Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY - Episode Duscae Semi:RecreatedFLACMP36974711
Battle! Zinnia - Remix/Arrangement (Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)FLACMP314662874
Depths of the Darkness - KINGDOM HEARTS III ImaginedFLACMP39658712
Merry Christmas!FLACMP31422592
[JF15] Trailer Theme - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP3170136801
Grand Finale / In The Final (Remastered)FLACMP37642522
En Garde - KINGDOM HEARTS III ImaginedFLACMP37442754
Valse di Fantastica (Extended Arrangement) - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP3743339458
Comrades in Combat - KINGDOM HEARTS III ImaginedFLACMP33932031
Smashin' Through! - How to Play (from Super Smash Bros. Melee) | HARMONY OF HEROESFLACMP310949722
Dawn of the Journey - Road to Viridian City (from Pokémon Red and Blue) | HARMONY OF HEROESFLACMP35535913
Valse di Fantastica (TGS14) - FINAL FANTASY XV Piano Collections (Unofficial)FLACMP310686845
Valse di Fantastica (TGS14) - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP312277233832
Isaac's Theme / Journeying the Land - Smash Countdown ~1 Day~FLACMP32721650
Dog's Theme - Smash Countdown ~4 Days~FLACMP32819272
Farewell Hyrule King - Smash Countdown ~3 Days~FLACMP33523210
Beware the Forest's Mushrooms - Smash Countdown ~5 Days~FLACMP37734561
PAC-MAN Medley - Smash Countdown ~7 Days~FLACMP35536595
Puzzle Swap - Smash Countdown ~6 Days~FLACMP32714730
Title Theme (Mega Man 3) - Smash Countdown ~2 Days~FLACMP35329880
Main Theme (Arranged) ~Choir Ver.~ - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii UFLACMP3347241089
Main Theme (Arranged) - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii UFLACMP3297228035
The Good TimesFLACMP3910410
Meaningful EncounterFLACMP379221
Pokémon X & Y: Battle! (Trainer Battle) - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U (Recreated)FLACMP3335226777
Punch-Out!!: Jogging Theme P2 - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U (Recreated)FLACMP3156148394
Punch-Out!!: Jogging Theme P1 - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U (Recreated)FLACMP3164129383
Calling -Orchestral Ver.-FLACMP31113631
Super Mario 3D World - Double Cherry Pass (Recreated)FLACMP33161806514
Let the Battles Begin: GS Arrange (from FFVII)FLACMP311764314
Three Minutes Clapping -Instrumental- (Recreated)FLACMP32721460
Calling -Instrumental- (Recreated)FLACMP32315821
Calling -Retro ReMIX- (8-bit)FLACMP31012150
Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily's Theme - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U (Recreated)FLACMP36034011526
Arrangement: A Crisis Core StoryFLACMP34137083
The One Star -Instrumental- (Recreated)FLACMP31110680
Mako City: GS Arrange (from Crisis Core FFVII)FLACMP31516040
Memory Fragments - DMW: GS Arrange (from Crisis Core FFVII)FLACMP31416670
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U - E3 2013 Theme (Recreated)FLACMP3150011789483
It's So Wonderful -Novoiski DeMIX- (8-bit)FLACMP389050
Owari Hajimari -Crossover- (Cameron Strother X SAWA)FLACMP31410002
TATAKAI -Retro ReMIX- (8-bit)FLACMP396431
Twister -Retro ReMIX- (8-bit)FLACMP398150
Nox Aeterna (E3 2013) - FINAL FANTASY XV RecreatedFLACMP3180134014
Vergil Recompiled -Crossover- (KH3D X UMvC3)FLACMP312256922
Dancer in the Street -GUARDIAN MIX-FLACMP387831
Dearly Beloved:ReMASTERFLACMP33420701
Three Minutes Clapping -GUARDIAN MIX- (The World Ends With You)FLACMP32915793
Ooparts -GUARDIAN MIX- (The World Ends With You)FLACMP366210
TWISTER -GANGNAM MIX- (The World Ends With You X PSY)WAVMP32319587
Ik ben Patrick - Sparta Remix (Nederlandse versie)FLACMP3716802